RJXHOBBY Brushless BLS0521HV Digital HV Standard Servo (20mmx37x40mm) Black

RJXHOBBY Brushless BLS0521HV Digital HV Standard Servo (20mmx37x40mm) Black
Brand: RJX
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Color: Black.

Dimension: 20x37x40mm

Weight: 70g

Frequency: 1520us/333hz

Gear Type: Metal Gear

Operation Voltage: 6.0V-8.4V

Motor Type: Brushless Motor

Plug Type: JR




The RJX BLS-0521HV provides the ultimate in performance for standard size servos. Cranking out a whopping 21.3kg and 0.05sec transit speed @ 8.4V, you will be hard pressed to find a better servo for your money. The massive torque and lightning fast speed makes this servo ideal for use in large 3D helicopters as a cyclic or tail servo, giant scale airplanes and even large cars/trucks. The entire gear train is metal, making stripped gears virtually impossible. The case is machined from aluminum alloy providing the ultimate in durability and offering excellent heat dissipation.


The BLS-0521HV is a true high-voltage servo capable of operating at a constant 8.4V, yet still yields impressive numbers at as low as a 6V input. This makes it a very versatile servo which can be used in many different applications.


A full set of servo hardware is included, as well as an alloy servo arm ideal for use with helicopter cyclic servo applications.


Special Narrow Band version for Cyclic or Tail servo used in Helicopters.

Full Metal Gears

Full Aluminum Alloy Case




Operating Voltage: 6.0~8.4V







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