RJX Energy 430mm Premium CF Blades-FBL Version

RJX  Energy  430mm Premium CF Blades-FBL Version
Brand: RJX
ID: E430W
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ShapeSymmetrical Wing

Length: 430 mm

Width: 41 mm

Root: 9mm

Bolt Hole: 3.0 mm

Weight: Approx 68g (pcs)

Material: Carbon Fiber


1. The 430MM main blades are designed specifically for extreme 3D flying

2. The design is reducing blade noise and power loss

3. The blades' rigidity have been increased for better anti-torsion characteristics during flight

Suitable to use on:

T-rex 500 ,Class 500 size or other similar size helicopters

Package Include:

1. 430mm main blades x1set

2. 3*15*1 Washer x2pcs

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