RJXHOBBY FPV Micro AIO Camera 5.8G 25mW 48CH 800TVL Switchable Transmitter FPV Camera for tiny whoop Blade Inductrix

RJXHOBBY FPV Micro AIO Camera 5.8G 25mW 48CH 800TVL Switchable Transmitter FPV Camera for tiny whoop Blade Inductrix
Brand: RJX
ID: RJX1306
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Key Product Features:

  • ✓ This is a great performing lightweight camera for a mini-FPV build, only 3.0g, even lighter than FX797, FX798, EF-01, FX805 and TX02.
  • ✓ It presents high camera resolution of 800 TVL; Wide lens angle; Small size with 47 * 14.5* 12 mm.
  • ✓ Button control instead of switch to change channels,support NTSC/PAL switch, support vertical inverted image switch.
  • ✓ 8 LED display channel and 6 LEDS display frequency group information, 1LED display PAL/NTSC and FLIP information.
  • ✓ Maximum distance of 300m, provide you wider horizon and multi-sensory experience; Integrated booster circuit prevents motor interference, Signal Range Suitable for Ultra Micro RC Aircraft.

Product description


Output power: 25mW 
Supply Voltage: 2.9-5.5v 
Size : 47 * 14.8 * 12.5 mm 
Weight: 3.0g,really super small and lightweight
Antenna:Exclusive Dipole Whip Antenna 
Power consumption: 200~215MA5V DCIN 
Frequency: 5.8GHz 5 bands 40 channels, with Race band: 5362~5945MHz
Field of view: 120º 
Operating Temperature: -10℃~+60℃ 
Ambient temperature:25℃ 
Channel SEL: Touch Switch Channel Indicate:CH1~CH8 Channel indication with 8LEDS and A~F frequency, group Indicate with 6LEDS
Modulation type: FM 
Transmit power: 13±1dBm 
Frequency control: PLL 
All harmonic: Max -50dBm 
Frequency Stability: ±100KHz (Typ.)
Frequency precision: ±200KHz (Typ.)
Channel Carrier error: 1dB 
Antenna Port: 50 Ω
SENSOR PAL: 720X540/NTSC:640X480 1/4”
LENS ANGEL: H:120°/V:100°
Base-band interface: (P1.27*2) 
Profile dimension: 14.5mm*12.2mm+14.5mm*12mm 

Transmission Frequency
A:Ch1:5740MHz Ch2:5760MHz Ch3:5780MHz Ch4:5800MHz
Ch5:5820MHz Ch6:5840MHz Ch7:5860MHz Ch8:5880MHz
B :Ch1:5705MHz Ch2:5685MHz Ch3:5665MHz Ch4:5645MHz `
Ch5:5885MHz Ch6:5905MHz Ch7:5925MHz Ch8:5945MHz
C :Ch1:5865MHz Ch2:5845MHz Ch3:5825MHz Ch4:5805MHz
Ch5:5785MHz Ch6:5765MHz Ch7:5745MHz Ch8:5725MHz
D: Ch1:5658MHz Ch2:5695MHz Ch3:5732MHz Ch4:5769MHz
Ch5:5806MHz Ch6:5843MHz Ch7:5880MHz Ch8:5917MHz
E:Ch1:5733MHz Ch2:5752MHz Ch3:5771MHz Ch4:5790MHz
Ch5:5809MHz Ch6:5828MHz Ch7:5847MHz Ch8:5866MHz
F :Ch1:5362MHz Ch2:5399MHz Ch3:5436MHz Ch4:5473MHz
Ch5:5510MHz Ch6:5547MHz Ch7:5584MHz Ch8:5621MHz

Package Including:

1 * FPV Micro AIO Camera
1 * Plastic Camera Mount

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