RJX 2345 Propeller (5CW+5CCW)

RJX 2345 Propeller (5CW+5CCW)
Brand: RJX
ID: RJX1646G
UPC : 614823575555
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Color: Green

Material: Imported PC Alloy.

Net Weight: 1.7 g (1 pair)

Gross Weight: 26 g

Mounting hole: 1.5mm.




These 2345 Propellers are suitable for Baby Hawk .

Distance between holes 5mm for 11 series motors, Recommend Screw: M2*6.

Distance between holes 9mm for BABYHAWK motors, Recommend Screw: M2*7.

Hi-Quality production with better materials offer more durable propeller than the cheap ones in the market.

EXCELLENT AERODYNAMICS DESIGN make this Propeller best for drone racing for mini Multi-rotor, Quadcopters.


Package Included:


5 pair X 2345 Propellers




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