FPV Fight Controller

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RJX Betaflight F4 AIO Flight Controller 30.5 x 30.5mm MPU-6000 Integrated Current Sensor OSD PDB SD Card Slot
ID: RJX1532
Qty: 996
http://www.rjxhobby.com/Manual/RJX1532 F4-newest.pdf Specification:   Brand: RJXHOBBY Net Weight: 6.84g Gross Weight: 22g Size: 36mm x 36mm FC mounting hole: 30.5mm x 30.5mm ..
$49.99 $44.99
RJXHOBBY F3 16X16mm Mini STM32F3 based Flight Controller with Integrated FrSky Receiver tinyFISH FC.
ID: RJX1513
Qty: 1000
Specification:   Brand: RJXHOBBY Mounting Hole: 16x16mm Size (mm) L X W X H: 20 x 20 x 3mm Net Weight: 1.56g   Features:   16x16mm hole to hole..
$39.99 $35.99
RJXHOBBY Flip32 Omnibus F4 Flight Controller w/ OSD for Quadcopter fpv drone gift
ID: RJX1485
Qty: 993
Requires BetaFlight 3.0 & Betaflight configurator. 1.5A BEC -No more external regulators;Low noise MPU6000 gyro Via SPI. STM32F405 CPU 32bit ARM @ 72MHz. Blackbox - Datalog 128Mb Flash (1..
$39.99 $35.99
RJXHOBBY 30.5X30.5mm F7 Flight Controller for FPV Racing Drone 184 190 195 210 220 250 280 300 330
ID: RJX1463
Qty: 996
Please DO Read our Descriptions and Pictures Manual Carefully to Make Sure You Can Use Our F7 Flight Controller Correctly! STM32F745VGT6 100lqfp 216MHz MPU6000 SPI. The factory default setting ..
$67.99 $61.19
RJXHOBBY FPV PIKO BLX Micro Flight Controller Built-in PDB Buzzer Port 20X20mm For Mini FPV Racing Drone 80 90 100 110 120 130 150 180
ID: RJX1328
Qty: 990
http://www.rjxhobby.com/Manual/Piko_BLX_FC_manual2.pdf http://www.rjxhobby.com/Manual/PIKOBLX.zip Pls DO Read the Pictures and Description Manual Carefully to Use our Flight Controller Correc..
$34.99 $31.49
RJX Brushed F3 EVO Flight Control Board Support PPM SBUS receiver Hexacopter LED function 1s 2s battery for Tiny Whoop Mini Micro Nano quad FPV Racing
ID: RJX1309
Qty: 99
Micro size 22mm*32.5mm,weight 3g.In support of the world almost all hollow cup motor,including 1020 coreless motor. Based on F3 flight controller , Specially designed and built for quads around 1..
$22.99 $20.69
RJX Raceflight Betaflight REVO F4 STM32 F405 Flight Controller
ID: RJX1308
Qty: 989
http://www.rjxhobby.com/Manual/SP RACING F4.pdf   Key Product Features: 1.STM32 F405 MCU, Betaflight -REVO firmware 2.SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders),DSM/DSM2/DSM ..
$29.99 $26.99
RJXHOBBYF3 EVO Betaflight Flight Controller with F3 Special PDB Power Distribution Board for 180 184 195 210 250 FPV Racing Drone
ID: RJX1177
Qty: 992
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3Qe2c4G_tE http://www.rjxhobby.com/SPRacingF3EVO-Manual-latest.pdf http://www.rjxhobby.com/SP Racing F3 Evo Flight Controller Guide.pdf FLAH F3 EVO STEP ht..
$45.99 $41.39
RJXHOBBY SP Racing F3 EVO Betaflight Flight Controller for 180 184 195 210 250 280 FPV Racing Drone
ID: RJX1176
Qty: 987
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3Qe2c4G_tE http://www.rjxhobby.com/SP Racing F3 Evo Flight Controller Guide.pdf http://www.rjxhobby.com/SPRacingF3EVO-Manual-latest.pdf F3 EVO FLASH STEP K..
$34.99 $31.49
RJXHOBBY Flight Controller Power Distribution Board PDB Damping Plates X 10 PCS Red
ID: RJX1094
Qty: 981
Material: Nylon; Quantity: 10 PCS Perfect fit for Flight Controller and Power Distribution Board PDB. Suit for different flight controller, Naze32, Mini APM or other mini flight controllers and..
$2.99 $2.69
RJX SP Racing F3 Flight Controller Acro 6 DOF for RC Multicopter for DIY Mini 180 190 195 210 220 250 280 300 330 RC Drone
ID: Q3084
Qty: 963
Manual: Manual.pdf       SPRacingF3-Manual-latest.pdf       CP210x_VCP_Windows.rar Manual:SP RACING F3 Manual http://www.rjxhobby.com/Manual/RJ..
$32.99 $29.69