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160° 40mm 50mm Quick remove folding arm for Plant Protection UAV MulticopterSize:40mm Weight:190.7gColor:BlackPackaging: 1pcs  X  Folding Connector ..
$96.04     $112.99
Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Length: 54mm Weight: about 23.2g Features: Arm can be folded back to the horizontal shape, save space. double-locking fixed carbon tube, no gap. For the diameter 20 mm tube. Package included:  ..
$11.04     $12.99
RJX 1pcs 380 550 775 Motor Stainless Steel Bracket Adjustable Frame Fixing Mount Base Parts for RC Racing Boat
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Specification:Item name:Motor Mount baseMaterial: 304 Stainless SteelSize: Small/Middle/BigThickness: 2mm Small : suitable for 370 380 390 motor      weight:22.9gMiddle:suitable for 545 550 555 motor    weight:33.8gBig:suitable for 775 755 motor &n..
$7.64     $8.99
25mm motor seat matching screw: round head screws M3x8  4pcs + Hex Screw M3x8 2pcs   weight: 45.2g 28mm motor seat matching screw: round head screws M3x8  4pcs + Hex Screw M3x8 2pcs    weight: 45.6g 30mm motor seat matching screw: round head screws M..
$30.59     $35.99
Size parameters:Total length 95mmOuter diameter 28mm, inner 25mmweight:55.3gDescription:Carbon tube double screw positioning, as long as a fixed screw is fixed, customers can drill holes themselves or find custom carbon tubes for drilling holes.Can be used for drones, arm, landing gear, parts such a..
$22.09     $25.99
Specifications: 8mm Suitable for use with a diameter of 8mm. Weight 1.5g/piece. 10mm Suitable for use with a diameter of 10mm. Weight 2.9g/piece.16mm Suitable for use with a diameter of 16mm,  weight 10.4g/piece.Package Included: 4x Silicone Shock Absorber Damping Ball..
$6.79     $7.99
Product use: Suitable for plant protection, aerial photography UAV frame scaffold connection, and other T-type connection, connection mode needs to open screw holes on the corresponding pipe. For connecting rack position diameter: 25mm Cross rod diameter: 16mmmatching screw 1x 3*22 sc..
$13.59     $15.99
DescriptionScrew : M3Rod M3*25mm   Holes distance 59-69mm   Total length 68-78mmRod M3*30mm   Holes distance 64-749mm   Total length 73-83mmRod M3*35mm   Holes distance 69-79mm   Total length 78=88mmRod M3*40mm   Holes distance 74..
$11.89     $13.99
Description:Product name: Four-point aluminum rudder angleMaterial: AluminumWeight: 17.5 gramsColor: blue/yellow/greenUsage: for RC modelThe package includes:2 triangle connectors L24*331 piece of glass fiber, 24x25x1xΦ91 plastic bolt passing through the ball L30*Φ35X M3 self-locking nut5X 3# Washer..
$10.19     $11.99
Rubber Cap: ID 8mm, suitable for CF tubes: OD8mmRubber Cap: ID 10mm, suitable for CF tubes: OD10mmRubber Cap: ID 12mm, suitable for CF tubes: OD12mmRubber Cap: ID 14mm, suitable for CF tubes: OD14mmRubber Cap: ID 15mm, suitable for CF tubes: OD15mmRubber Cap: ID 16mm, suitable for CF tubes: OD16mmRu..
$5.09     $5.99
Z20 matching screw: M3x8 8pcs +M3x30 1pcs + M3 nut 1pcs weight:68.8gZ35 matching screw: M3x8 12pcs +Big head screw 2pcs weight:153.8g..
$30.59     $35.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:25 to 20mmColor: Blackmatching screw: M4x35 1pcs + M4 nut 1pcs weight:28.6gIncludes:1 Pcs Aluminum Alloy Tee Tripod  Joint Connector ..
$15.29     $17.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:ID16mm / 18mm / 20 / 25mm16mm matching screw: M3x6 4pcs   weight:13g18mm matching screw: M3x8 4pcs   weight:14.7g20mm matching screw: M3x8 4pcs +  M3x30 1pcs +M3 nut weight:25.6g25mm matching screw: M3x8 4pcs +  M3x35 1pcs +M3 nut weight..
$11.89     $13.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:30mmColor: Blackweight:64.6gmatching screw: M3x40 1pcs +M3x10 2pcs  + M3x8 12pcs + M3 nut 1pcs Package included:1pcs *  Center Plate Mount Holder..
$31.44     $36.99
weight: 20mm=30g  matching screw: M6x40 1pcs +M4x16 1pcs + M6 nut 1pcs  25mm=31.5g matching screw: M6x40 1pcs +M4x16 1pcs + M6 nut 1pcs ..
$12.74     $14.99
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