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Specification:Item Name: 50mm Folding ArmMaterial: aluminiumColour: BlackWeight: 245gPackage included:1pcs  X  Folding Arm..
$120.69     $141.99
Specification:Item name: Tripod fixed seatMaterial: aluminiumTilt angle: 20 degreesSize: 20mm/25mm/30mm20mm matching screw: M3x8 4pcs + M3x10 2pcs Net weight:29.5g25mm matching screw: M3x10 6pcs + M3x35 1pcs +M3 nut 1pcs Net weight:40g30mm matching screw: M3x12 2pcs +M3x10 4pcs+ M3x40 1pcs +M3 nut 1..
$22.94     $26.99
To increase flying stability, a 5 Degree up-tilt angle is applied. CNC Aluminum, Suit for D30mm tube arms (Tail Boom) . This item suit for Auto Edition RC Quadcopter Hexacopter Multicopter  matching screw: M3x8 12pcs + M3x40 1pcs + M3 nut 1pcs +Big head scre..
$44.19     $51.99
Specification:Material:aluminum alloyColor:blackRight Net weight:48.2gLeft Net weight:48.2g..
$29.74     $34.99
Specification: pipe diameter 25mm / 30mm25mm matching screw: M3x12 2pcs + M3x10 4pcs + M3x35 1pcs + M3 nut 1pcs Weight: 46 g 30mm matching screw: M3x14 2pcs + M4x10 4pcs + M3x40 1pcs + M3 nut 1pcs  Weight: 53 g..
$19.54     $22.99
Specification: Color: BlackWeight: 138.9gID:30mmmatching screw: M3x10 2pcs  + 3x35 1pcs + 4x12 4pcs + M3 nut 1pcs + M3 x10 Sunk 6pcsThis motor mount suitable for 30mm carbon tubes.For 80A 100A  ESC.Package Included:1 x Set  Motor Mount Note:Please check and make sure that it..
$76.49     $89.99
Specification: Color: BlackWeight: 111.3gID:30mmmatching screw: M3x8 2pcs  3x6 4pcsThis motor mount suitable for 30mm carbon tubes. For 100A  ESC.Its sides and base with abundant holes for heat dissipation.Package Included:1 x Set  Motor Mount Note: Please check an..
$39.09     $45.99
Specification:Material: Aluminum alloySuit for outer diameter 40mm carbon tubeweight:60.3gPackage included:1set x pipe clip..
$33.14     $38.99
Product Description Single 15mm Rod Port1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Threaded Holes Rotating Shaft & Hinge StructureQuick Attachment & DetachmentCompatible with Standard 15mm TubeMaterial: Aluminum AlloyNet Weight: 41gColour:Black / RedPackage Included:1x QR pipe Clamp..
$76.49     $89.99
Specification:Material:aluminum alloyColor:black16mm matching screw: M2.5X6 1pcs + Button Hex M3x8 3pcs  Weight:7.8g18mm matching screw: M3X8 1pcs + Button Hex M3x8 3pcs  Weight:13.7g20mm matching screw: M3x8 1pcs  + M3x10 3pcs   Weight:12.2g25mm matching screw: M3x10 4pcs&n..
$11.04     $12.99
Color: Black35 to 30mm Weight: 110g35 to 35mm Weight: 149g40 to 35mm Weight: 169g40 to 40mm Weight: 173gPackage included:1pcs Y-shaped arm base..
$76.49     $89.99
Item Name: D40mm/50mm carbon armMaterial: carbon fiber40-carbon arm  Weight: 220g50-carbon arm  Weight: 270gPackage included:1pcs  X  carbon Arm..
$99.44     $116.99
160° 40mm 120° 50mm Quick remove folding arm for Plant Protection UAV MulticopterSpecification:Item Name: D40mm/50mm Folding ArmMaterial: aluminiumColour: Black40-alum folding-Arm  Weight: 190.7g50-alum folding-Arm  Weight: 230.5gPackage included:1pcs  X  Folding Arm..
$96.04     $112.99
Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Length: 54mm Weight: about 23.2g Features: Arm can be folded back to the horizontal shape, save space. double-locking fixed carbon tube, no gap. For the diameter 20 mm tube. Package included:  ..
$11.04     $12.99
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