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Center Plate Mount Holders

Specification: Material: aluminium Colour: Black matching screw: M3x34 1pcs  + M3x6 12pcs  + round head screws M3x8 2pcs + M3 nut 1pcs weight:63.6g Package included:  1pcs  X  Folding Arm..
$37.39     $43.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:25mm / 30mmColor: Black25mm Matching screw:  M3x8 12pcs + M3x10 2pcs weight:44.3gIncludes:1 Pcs  Aluminum alloy folding arm pipe joint..
$53.54     $62.99
Specification:Material: aluminiumColour: Black30mm matching screw: M4x12 2pcs  M4x8 12pcs  weight:177.8g40mm matching screw: M4x12 2pcs  M4x8 12pcs  weight:239.3gPackage included:1pcs  X  Folding Arm..
$67.99     $79.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:25mm / 30mmColor: Blackweight:ID25mm=95.2g ID30mm=150.8g 25mm matching screw: M3x35 1pcs + M3x8 8pcs + M3 nut 1pcs30mm matching screw: M3x40 1pcs +M3x12 2pcs  + M3x8 12pcs + M3 nut 3pcs Includes: 1 Pcs ..
$37.39     $43.99
Specification:Material: aluminiumColour: Black Weight: 133.9gPackage included:1pcs  X  Folding Arm..
$67.99     $79.99
Product Specification:Material: Aluminum alloySize: ID 16 / 20 / 25 / 28 / 30 / 35mm16mm matching screw: M2.5x6mm 8pcs M3x8mm 2pcs M2.5x22mm 1pcs M3 nut 1pcs Weight: 32.7g25mm matching screw: M3x8mm 10pcs M3x10mm 2pcs M3x32mm 1pcs M3 nut 1pcs Weight: 77.1g28mm matching screw: M3x8mm 10pcs M3x10mm 2p..
$62.89     $73.99
Material:Aluminum Alloy Size:35mm / 40mm Color: Black 35mm matching screw: M4x50 1pcs +M4x8 12pcs  + M3x12 2pcs M4 nut 1pcs weight:157.8g 40mm matching screw: M4x50 1pcs +M4x8 12pcs  +M4x12 2pcs M4 nut 1pcs  weight:157.3g Package included:  ..
$39.09     $45.99
Specification:Material: aluminiumColour: Black20mm Weight:70.8g 25mm Weight:87.1g 30mm Weight: 175g,40mm Weight: 237.3gPackage included:1pcs  X  Folding Arm..
$47.59     $55.99
30mm weight: 72.01gApplicable diameter: 30mmMixer screw M3taterial: aluminum alloy 35mm weight: 76.85gApplicable diameter: 35mmMixer screw M3material: aluminum alloy 45mm weight: 121.4gApplicable diameter: 45mmMixer screw M4material: aluminum alloy  50mm weight: 150.3gApplicable ..
$47.59     $55.99
Specification:Item Name: Folding Armfolding arm :Folding side / Folding downMaterial: aluminiumColour: Black40mm Weight: 305.5g  50mm Weight: 363.1g Package included:1pcs  X  Folding Arm..
$120.69     $141.99
Z16 matching screw: M2.5x8 8pcs +M2.5x22 1pcs + M2.5 nut 1pcs weight:44.1gZ20 matching screw: M3x8 8pcs +M3x30 1pcs + M3 nut 1pcs weight:68.8gZ35 matching screw: M3x8 12pcs +Big head screw 2pcs weight:153.8gZ40 matching screw: M4x8 12pcs +M3x50 2pcs + M3 nut 2pcs weight:200.7gZ50 matc..
$22.09     $25.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:30mmColor: Blackweight:64.6gmatching screw: M3x40 1pcs +M3x10 2pcs  + M3x8 12pcs + M3 nut 1pcs Package included:1pcs *  Center Plate Mount Holder..
$31.44     $36.99
size:27X30X500mm   28X30X500mm30x28x500mm weight:67.8g30x27x500mm weight:108.7g..
$99.44     $116.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:25mm / 30mm / 35mm / 40mm / 45mm / 50mmColor: Blackweight:ID25mm=71.4g              ID30mm(40mm height) =77.8g              ID30mm(45mm height) =82g              ID35m..
$25.49     $29.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:25mm / 30mmColor: Black30mm Net weight:145.5gIncludes:1 Pcs  Aluminum alloy folding arm pipe joint..
$33.99     $39.99
To increase flying stability, a 5 Degree up-tilt angle is applied. CNC Aluminum, Suit for D30mm /D25mm tube arms (Tail Boom) . This item suit for Auto Edition RC Quadcopter Hexacopter Multicopterthe double spring back to more elastic, strong use of 12.9 levels of screws, the strength is higher 25mm ..
$44.19     $51.99
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