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Motor mounts

Specification: Color: BlackWeight: 111.3gID:30mmmatching screw: M3x8 2pcs  3x6 4pcsThis motor mount suitable for 30mm carbon tubes. For 100A  ESC.Its sides and base with abundant holes for heat dissipation.Package Included:1 x Set  Motor Mount Note: Please check an..
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Specification:Item name:Motor Mount baseMaterial: 304 Stainless SteelSize: Small/Middle/BigThickness: 2mm Small : suitable for 370 380 390 motor      weight:22.9gMiddle:suitable for 545 550 555 motor    weight:33.8gBig:suitable for 775 755 motor &n..
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25mm motor seat matching screw: round head screws M3x8  4pcs + Hex Screw M3x8 2pcs   weight: 45.2g 28mm motor seat matching screw: round head screws M3x8  4pcs + Hex Screw M3x8 2pcs    weight: 45.6g 30mm motor seat matching screw: round head screws M..
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Material:Aluminum Alloy + Carbon Fiber SheetSize:16mm / 25mm / 30mm / 35mm 16mm matching screw: M2.5x8 2pcs + Button Head M2.5x6 8pcs    weight:29g25mm matching screw: M3x12 2pcs + Button Head M3x8 8pcs    weight:69g30mm matching screw: M3x12 4pcs   ..
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Specification: Color: BlackWeight: 199.9g matching screw: Button Head Hex M3x6 8pcs  ID:40mmThis motor mount suitable for 40mm carbon tubes.Package Included:1 x Set  Motor Mount Note:Please check and make sure that its hole spacing is perfect for your motor before purch..
$73.94     $86.99
material:Aluminium Alloy and Carbon fibercolor :blackID:20 / 22 / 25mmweight  :20mm:33.8g22mm:34.9g25mm:37.7gfor drone quadcopter hexacopter diy frame building.Lightweight design High intensity the motor fixed holes Wide compatibility.Many motor can use it.the Esc can hold in the motor seat bel..
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Specification: Color: Black, RedWeight: 116.7gID:30 / 35mm35mm matching screw: M3x45 1pcs +M3 nut 1pcs+M3x8 4pcs+M3x12 2pcs30mm matching screw: M3x10 4pcsThis motor mount suitable for 30mm / 35mm carbon tubes.Compatible with motors including W9235 and Q9XL.Upgraded size makes it perfect for Hob..
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Applicable diameter: 20mmweight: 55.07gapplicable hole spacing of the motor: 19-30mm (motor external diameter less than 71mm can be installed)motor seat can be put in Hobbywing Hobbywing 40AApplicable pipe diameter: 22mmweight: 56.50gapplicable hole spacing of the motor: 16-30mm (the outer diameter ..
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Suitable pipe diameter: 12mmWeight: 30.31gMotor suitable hole spacing: 19mm、25mm、28mm M3 holeSuitable pipe diameter: 16mmWeight: 34.7gSuitable pipe diameter: 16mmMotor suitable hole spacing: 19-28mm M3 holeApplicable diameter: 20mmweight: 48.5gapplicable hole spacing of the motor: 25-40mm (the exter..
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Applicable pipe diameter: 25mmweight: 70.75gapplicable hole spacing of the motor: 25-40mm (the outer diameter of the motor less than 80mm can be installed)the motor seat can be fitted with Hobbywing to control XRotor 40A / 50A /60AApplicable diameter: 30mmweight: 138.3gapplicable hole spacing of the..
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Name: 12MM 16mm 18mm  25mm motor blockColor:Black  /  RedScrew: M3 * 10Weight: 12mm=8.6g 16mm=13g 18mm=22g 25mm=22.5 (weight with screws)Packing quantity: 1 set (with screws)..
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