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Drone Tube Joint

Material:Aluminum AlloySize:ID20mm /25mm Color: Blackweight:ID20mm=23.9g                ID25mm=41.2g               Applicable to the outside diameter is 20/25mm carbon tube.Includes:1 Pcs Aluminum Alloy Tee Tripod&n..
Features: Arm can be folded back to the horizontal shape, save space The use of locking button-type fixed, more soliddouble-locking fixed carbon tube, no gapcolour:Black  /  RedID:20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40mmPackage included: 1pcs *  Aluminum Horizontal Folding Arm Tub..
Applicable diameter: 20mmweight: 55.07gapplicable hole spacing of the motor: 19-30mm (motor external diameter less than 71mm can be installed)motor seat can be put in Hobbywing Hobbywing 40AApplicable pipe diameter: 25mmweight: 73.65gapplicable hole spacing of the motor: 25-45mm (the outer diameter ..
Suitable pipe diameter: 12mmWeight: 30.31gMotor suitable hole spacing: 19mm、25mm、28mm M3 holeSuitable pipe diameter: 16mmWeight: 34.7gSuitable pipe diameter: 16mmMotor suitable hole spacing: 19-28mm M3 holeApplicable diameter: 20mmweight: 48.5gapplicable hole spacing of the motor: 25-40mm (the exter..
Applicable pipe diameter: 25mmweight: 70.75gapplicable hole spacing of the motor: 25-40mm (the outer diameter of the motor less than 80mm can be installed)the motor seat can be fitted with Hobbywing to control XRotor 40A / 50A /60AApplicable diameter: 30mmweight: 138.3gapplicable hole spacing of the..
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:ID12mm /16mm /20mm /25mm / 30mm Color: BlackApplicable to the outside diameter is 12/16/20/25/30mm carbon tube.Includes:1 Pcs Aluminum Alloy Tee Tripod  Joint Connector ..
 can be flat fold, Spiral buckle style The double-screw fixing carbon tube makes the clamping stronger..Size:28mm Weight:95.1gSize:30mm Weight:112.5gSize:35mm Weight:124.3gSize:40mm Weight:166.8gColor:Black / Red Packaging: 1pcs  X  Folding Connector ..
Name: 12MM 16mm 18mm  25mm motor blockColor:Black  /  RedScrew: M3 * 10Weight: 12mm=8.6g 16mm=13g 18mm=22g 25mm=22.5 (weight with screws)Packing quantity: 1 set (with screws)..
Specifications:Material: Anodized AluminumInside Diameter:12/16/20/25mmColor: BlackCNC aluminum non-threaded spacer with steel socket head bolts and locking nuts.ID 12mm Tube clamp: Installation hole distance is 17.5mm, equipped with M2.5*25mm anti-skid screws and nuts, with a width of 24mm, a heigh..
Specifications:Material: Anodized AluminumInside Diameter: 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/25/28/30/35/40mmColor: BlackCNC aluminum non-threaded spacer with steel socket head bolts and locking nuts.ID 8mm Tube clamp: Installation hole distance is 14mm, equipped with M3 * 25mm anti-skid screws and nuts, with ..
Material:  Aluminum AlloyColor: BlackSize: ID16 / 18 / 20 /22 / 22 / 25 /30mm16mm matching screw: M3x6 4pcs + M3x8 5pcs  weight:26.3g18mm matching screw: M3x8 4pcs + M3x20 2pcs  weight:26.1g20mm matching screw: M3x8 8pcs + M3x12 2pcs  weight:40.7g22mm matching scre..
Product Specification:Material:  Aluminum AlloyColor: BlackSize: ID16 / 20 / 30 / 35 / 40 /50mm16mm matching screw: M3x22 2pcs + M3 nut 2pcs weight:37.7g20mm matching screw: M4x30 2pcs + M4 nut 2pcs weight:59.6g30mm matching screw: M3x40 2pcs + M3 nut 2pcs weight:101.3g35mm matching screw: M4x4..
Product Specification:Size: ID20mm  Weight: 44.6g2 x M3*30mm screw2 x M2.5*8mm screw2 x M3 NutsSize: ID25mm  Weight: 84.9g2 x M3*10mm screw2 x M3*35mm screw2 x M3 NutsID30mm   Weight: 117.1g4 x M3*10mm screw2 x M3*40mm screw2 x M3 NutsMaterial: Aluminum alloyThe new horizontal fo..
To increase flying stability, a 5 Degree up-tilt angle is applied. CNC Aluminum, Suit for D30mm /D25mm tube arms (Tail Boom) . This item suit for Auto Edition RC Quadcopter Hexacopter Multicopterthe double spring back to more elastic, strong use of 12.9 levels of screws, the strength is higher 25mm ..
L:1000-1250mm1000mm  weight:187g1250mm  weight:236gTube Clamp Weight:16.65g  matching screw:M3x45 2pcs + M3 nut 2pcs..
L:1000-1200mm1000mm  weight:303g1200mm  weight:388gA Weight:23.6g  matching screw:M3x8 2pcs + M3x55 2pcs + M3 nut 2pcs..
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